Independent Directors

We take immense pleasure in inviting you and your peers at the Delhi edition of AIDI’s workshop “Role of Independent Directors & Nominee Directors of Financial Institutions, PEs & VCs”, to be held from 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM on 4 September 2017 at the Claridges, 12, APJ Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi. The idea behind propounding and putting together a series of workshops like these is to improve the integrity and governance standards in organisations.

The quandary constructed due to the recent economic crisis has highlighted the domination and effect of a firms’ governance structure. In the Indian context where firms are characterized by concentrated ownership and promoter control, directors shirking their duties inhibit objective implementation of the corporate governance mandate in spirit.

This case-driven AIDI workshop is designed to help participants develop a deep understanding of nominee directors’ board responsibilities, strategies for effective execution and managing crisis situations. Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Former DG and CEO of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and Mr. Prashant Saran, Former Executive Director of SEBI will be leading the workshop supported by eminent voices in Indian boardrooms as keynote speakers.

The workshop scheduled for 4 September 2017 will have two major components:

  • Focus on how to make the institution of Independent Directors and Nominee Directors more effective; and
  • The expectations from Independent Directors and Nominee Directors and their actual delivery against these expectations.

Furthermore, there are other factors that affect the effectiveness of Independent and Nominee Directors. For example, do they get enough information prior to meetings? Does the management keep them adequately informed? Is there clarity about what they are expected to do in terms of participation in the Board? Is there an adequate accountability framework? Do they have a facilitation framework and the capacity to discharge these duties? What has been there experience in India and other markets?

This workshop has been construed to strengthen the discourse on many of these areas. In addition to unmatched networking opportunities, we are certain that this workshop will be a value-addition to your skill-sets in handling tough boardroom situations. To proceed with registration, we invite you to write back to us at, with your expression of interest.