The AIDI workshop, scheduled to take place on 7 July 2017 at the ITC Grand Central, Parel, Bombay, is intended as a platform to debate and discuss the dynamics of the role played by Independent Directors and Nominee Directors of financial institutions.

This case-driven AIDI workshop in association with Khaitan & Co. is designed to help participants develop a deep understanding of nominee directors’ board responsibilities, strategies for effective execution and managing crisis situations. GN Bajpai, Fmr. Chairman of SEBI and Sharad Abhyankar, Partner, Khaitan & Co. will lead this workshop supported by leading voices in Indian boardrooms.

Apart from regulatory oversight ensuring shareholders’ rights, and increasing transparency through impartial and accurate auditing, the role of nominee director in the Board of Directors of a company is generally considered as a mechanism for ensuring good governance.

Banker and investor directors continue to occupy a significant role in corporations. Their presence and representation on the board seem to exert a healthy impact on the companies. A problem arises when directors are nominated to a particular board to represent interests other than the interests of the company. In the Indian context where firms are characterised by concentrated ownership and promoter control, nominee directors shirking their duties would inhibit objective implementation of the corporate governance mandate in spirit.

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