Dr. Chatterjee is a widely acclaimed management practitioner, theorist, and teacher. He has written and lectured over many years on issues of social and sustainable development, corporate responsibility and human resources. As Secretary to the Government of India in the Department of Public Enterprises, he prepared and wrote the first comprehensive guidelines on CSR for the public sector.

In the process, he was able to make CSR a part of the yearly assessment of public sector enterprises. Shortly, after this pioneering effort, Dr. Chatterjee put together a dedicated task force and prepared the first comprehensive guidelines on “Sustainable Development” for this sector. He is a member of the Teri Advisory Board. He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1975 and has held many distinguished positions.

In 2008-09, he was the Principal Adviser to the Planning Commission. Here he was deeply involved with a number of micro and macro- economic measures. He was also a part of the team responsible for shaping India’s response to the global economic crisis of 2009. In 1990, Dr. Chatterjee authored his first book – a path-breaking work entitled “Japanese Management – Maruti and the Indian Experience”.

Thereafter, in 2009, he wrote his now famous “Human Resource Management – A Contemporary Text” which has gone into its fourth revised and enlarged edition. His widely acclaimed book, “Leadership India – Leading Change, Changing Lives”, was released at the World HRD Congress in February 2011. Today, as the Director General & CEO of the IICA,

Dr. Chatterjee is helping to shape the contours of the subject of Corporate Affairs and preparing strategies for capacity development, knowledge dissemination, and quality research. Under his leadership, the IICA is rapidly evolving as a repository of knowledge which fosters cutting-edge research, acts as a consultant and solution provider, provides training and capacity building facilities and is establishing partnerships with some of the best academic institutions in the world. Dr. Chatterjee has most recently authored his latest Book entitled “Sustainable Futures – Imperatives For Managing The Social Agenda”. In this book, Dr.Chatterjee shows how governments, corporates, and civil society organizations can synergize their efforts to build a whole new paradigm of development that is sustainable, humanistic and inclusive.